Eat a Meal, Give a Meal – Part 5 of 5 Easy Ways to Serve as a Family

March 29, 2021

Did you ever notice that Jesus spent a lot of his life around food? Maybe that’s because we all do, with 21 meals a week for the average person to enjoy.

Or maybe it’s because he understood how food brings people together. The smells. The texture. The smiles from across the table.

Jesus understood a very simple truth: meals bring people together.

That’s why we’re finishing out our month of service ideas with the final “E” in SERVE: Eat a Meal, Give a Meal.

What if you took the opportunity this week to use a meal as a way your family showed love to someone else?

Instead of rushing through a drivethrough or ordering through your phone (though that’s still a fantastic way to support local businesses), what if you planned on ONE meal that you cooked together?

You might learn some new skills. You’ll definitely build some new memories (like that one time when dad spilled ALL the flour).

Then invite someone else over to enjoy the meal with you. Or, if your family is still staying fairly socially distant, pick someone to send the meal to in a large dish so they can simply heat it up and enjoy it.

One our friends cooked enough ribs for three families, dropped off the other two sets, and then went home to video call with all of them to talk, laugh, and enjoy the ribs “together.”

Be creative in how you think about how this would work for your family. At the very least, you’ll build some memories on your own, and just imagine how much love someone else would feel to be invited to your dinner table!

Who knows, this might just become a new way your family lives like Jesus together as you show care and love over the table through food and presence.

Let us know your favorite memory of sharing food with others. We’d love to hear about how this simple act has brought people together in your life!

Like this and want more? This is part of a series on how to S.E.R.V.E. others as a family. You can catch up on parts one, two, three, and four here.

Drew S Williams

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