This is not your typical resource list. It’s my toolbox. I have either used these tools, am currently using them, or I’m familiar and impressed enough with them that I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

You should be aware that some of the links on this page are my affiliate referral links. This doesn’t affect your cost at all, but should you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, I would earn a commission. And for that, I’d be totally grateful to you! 🙂

Productivity Resources


Evernote is the digital extension of my brain. I use it to jot down notes, clip websites and recipes for later, compose all my writing, and save scans of receipts or books for easy searching later.

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Full Focus Planner

The Full Focus Planner is more than just a paper planner. It’s an entire productivity system. I have used many different apps and paper planners, and nothing beats the Full Focus Planner for helping me accomplish what’s important at work and at home.

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Free to Focus

This is the book that details the methodology behind the planner. Do you need the book to use the planner? Nope! But this is a treasure trove of productivity tips that can help any leader succeed at work and win at home.

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There’s nothing that can slow down your workflow like opening up an online tool or website and having to try and remember your login info. That’s why I use 1Password. I don’t have to remember my passwords (or my car license plate, or my daughter’s SSN), 1Password does it for me. 

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Church Leadership Resources


TextInChurch is a fantastic tool to not only communicate with your people via text (and email), but they have the BEST follow-up system for new people that I have ever seen. Use my link and get 500 additional monthly texts added to your account for life!

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Planning Center

If you’re a church leader or a pastor, you NEED to be using all the tools that Planning Center has to offer. There are many imitators, but no one can beat Planning Center for service planning, volunteer scheduling, church management, giving, groups coordination, and more. I don’t even have an affiliate relationship with Planning Center, I just love their products and customer service.

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Have you ever recorded a sermon or a podcast and wished that you had someone who could transcribe it for you so that you could have the written words to go along with the audio? Well, let me introduce you to Rev. For a super cheap price, they have real people work together with their A.I. to get you accurate transcripts or captions of your videos and audio. They’ll even translate it so you can have foreign language subtitles.

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Web/Blogging Resources


There’s a reason that WordPress officially endorses BlueHost as a place to host your website. They service millions of customers, and have pricing tiers for any budget.

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If you’re looking for a simple, effective email program that even has some automated bells and whistles for content creators, try out SendFox. They’re also running a lifetime deal right now, so that you don’t have recurring payments!

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Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an industry leader in the world of email marketing for individuals, small businesses, and more. This is a great tool if you’re looking for the ability to create funnels, lists, and email campaigns with ease.

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I use Grammarly for all my writing projects: blogs, emails, papers, sermons, you name it. They have a free plugin for your browser that works fantastic, but their premium upgrade will literally make you sound smarter with their ability to adjust the formality and tone of your writing.

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Family Resources


Bark is an award-winning monitoring and screen time management service founded in 2015 by a parent who was looking for a way to help keep his kids safe online while preserving their privacy. Bark covers 30+ of today’s most popular social media platforms, as well as texts, chat, email, YouTube, and files contained in Google Drive. Bark also monitors images, text within images, audio, and video and has recently added screen time management and web filtering to its suite of safety solutions.

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Covenant Eyes

I’ve been a user of Covenant Eyes for many years as one of the tools that helps me avoid explicit content on the internet. Even though this is an excellent blocking and monitoring tool (they even monitor the images on your device’s screen, regardless of what app is being used), the real power of Covenant Eyes is in their use of “Allies” who partner with you in your journey. I highly recommend Covenant Eyes.

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Google Fi

My family has been using Google Fi as our cell phone provider for many years. They have simple pricing, excellent coverage, and access to the best Google phones. If you’ve ever gotten frustrated at your provider raising rates or hiding fees, then click the link to see how easy it is to transfer your existing phone number to Google Fi.

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School Mask Pack

Tired of trying to find your mask or wondering when the last time was that you washed it? Get a School Mask Pack, with high quality cloth masks for each weekday.

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