“The Radical Pursuit of Rest” by John Koessler

February 19, 2020

“Rest is not an inner state that can be produced by thinking a certain way or placing ourselves in the right conditions. It is obtained only by entering into a relationship. When we find Christ, we find rest.”

Book ?? Of 2019, “The Radical Pursuit of Rest,” by John Koessler, is a comprehensive investigation into the concept of rest from both a Biblical perspective as well as a cultural one.

While it didn’t have as many practical ideas for application as I was hoping (because, you know, I read this to see if it would teach me how to become perfect as Sabbath-ing) it actually was a fascinating and in-depth look at the WHY and the WHAT behind society’s narrative of striving and God’s storyline of rest and identity.

I’m a naturally driven person (and an Enneagram 3), so my default is to try to *earn* my worth through what I *do* instead of “resting” (wink) in the fact that I am loved by God simply because he chooses to.

Is rest something that comes naturally for you? Or are you, like me, someone who finds themselves constantly STRIVING?

If you want to read this fairly quick book, go ahead and click the link in my bio and put in the code “REST” to grab it on Amazon. Want my list of highly recommended Ministry/Leadership books? That’s code “BEST” once you click the link in my bio.

Leaders are readers, and I’m always looking for new recommendations. What’s yours?


Drew S Williams

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