“Interior Castle” by St. Theresa of Avila

February 19, 2019

This was a hard read for me. Book ?? Of 2019, “Interior Castle,” by St. Theresa of Avila is half journal and half guidebook for developing a prayer life. Written by St. Theresa when she was only about 20 years old for the sake of her fellow nuns in her order, the book has since been published numerous times because of the beautiful imagery and metaphors that she uses to describe one’s journey into their own soul.

For St. Theresa, the soul is like a mansion with many rooms. As you enter deeper into the house, each new room brings deeper connection with the builder of the house. Prayer is this journey. As we go deeper and deeper into prayer, it is like we are retreating further and further into connection with God and leaving behind the trappings and temptations of the outside world.

The imagery is beautiful, and, though I didn’t fully understand everything she was communicating, I was captured by her fervent zeal for connection with the Lord. If you find prayer to be a calling upon your life, this should probably be read by you. (Link in bio, code “CASTLE”).It isn’t an end-all-be-all on the concept of prayer, but it definitely adds some beautiful nuance from one of the Giants of our faith.


Drew S Williams

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