Encourage Essential Workers – Part 2 of 5 Easy Ways to Serve as a Family

March 8, 2021

We’ve been talking about simple actions you can take as a family to bless other people this summer. These are all simple little things that could easily become part of your family rhythm throughout the year as you help your kids grow into the character of Jesus as they think of others.

Last week, we talked about how sending letters is a great way to show love to someone else.

This week, we’re looking at the letter “E” which stands for “Encourage an Essential Worker.”

Even as health guidelines fluctuate and as COVID-19 cases rise and fall around us, there are many people who still go in to work every day to serve our communities.

Nurses, law enforcement, grocery store workers, postal carriers. These are just a few of the people who are thankfully keeping essential things going so that we can keep the most important parts of our lives going, even if we are working from home, furloughed, or still going in to work ourselves.

Pick an essential worker to encourage this week.

Maybe you know a nurse and can send them a letter (a double whammy from last week’s suggestion). Maybe you have a family member who works at a grocery store that you can thank and encourage. Maybe you can write a thank-you note to your mail carrier and tape it to your mailbox.

Be creative in how you show love and care, and don’t be afraid to go big! Many of the thank-yous and dedications to these essential workers that were going around in the first few weeks of quarantine have lessened now that the lockdown has carried on way longer than we thought. But they are still going to work every day and helping us. Encouraging them helps them know you notice and care about them.

Who knows, maybe your kids will get in the habit of thanking people who work in all sorts of jobs? Maybe it will become a family routine to pick someone each month to send a little note of encouragement. Maybe you can pray for them at dinner as a family. Maybe you can invite them to dinner (spoiler alert for later in the month).

Drew S Williams

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