Raise Awareness and Money – Part 3 of 5 Easy Ways to Serve as a Family

March 15, 2021

We’ve been exploring ways to serve others as a family, and this week we’re looking at ways to get involved in BIGGER projects.

“R” stands for “Raise Awareness and Money”

Sometimes, we want to make a difference in something that is too big for our family to accomplish on our own in a single day or week. Sometimes, we have a passion in our heart for creating change in someone’s life beyond showing love and care for a single moment.

In these instances, we can partner with existing organizations that specialize in the project that we are passionate about. As a family, we can raise money towards helping them accomplish their mission. We can also raise awareness with our voices and social media accounts.

Talk to your student about something that they think they’d like to make a difference in. Food insecurity? After school training programs? Homeless shelters? Stopping human trafficking?

Then figure out how to donate some money to aid their efforts! Or create a GoFundMe page to get friends and family in on the generosity fun!

Even just sharing the message of what these organizations are doing can make a big difference.

Drew S Williams

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