February 19, 2019

“Of all the commandments, therefore, the most comprehensive is to love God and our neighbor. This love is made firm through abstaining from physical things, and through stillness of thought.”

Book ?? Of 2019, “Philokalia,” is a collection of various quotes and wise sayings from spiritual giants in the Eastern Orthodox tradition of Christianity on a variety of topics like repentance, prayer, and stillness. I had never read anything from the Eastern Orthodox side of our faith, and so this was an interesting and challenging foray into that world.

Western Christianity was very influenced by thought, philosophy, and reason. Eastern Christianity has that, along with some strains that would be considered more “mystical” or “experiential.” Because of this, they have some different perspectives on what it means to follow Jesus with our whole hearts and participate in his mission in the world.

If you’re interested in being exposed to the Eastern side of Christianity, I would suggest this book of their greatest collection of wise sayings from spiritual giants. (Link in bio, code “PHILO”)


Drew S Williams

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